Writing a countersubject

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A simple 10-step guide to writing an amazing fugue

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Invention (musical composition)

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Composing a Fugue

Music that features the repetition, with little variation, of melodic, rhythmic, and harmonic patterns is known as. The Große Fuge (or Grosse Fuge, also known in English as Great Fugue or Grand Fugue), Op.is a single-movement composition for string quartet by Ludwig van abrasiverock.com immense double fugue, it was universally condemned by contemporary critics.A reviewer writing for Allgemeine musikalische Zeitung in described the fugue as "incomprehensible, like Chinese" and "a confusion of Babel".

In music, an invention is a short composition with two-part counterpoint. Well-known are the fifteen inventions that make up the first half of Johann Sebastian Bach's Inventions and Sinfonias. Inventions are usually not performed in public, but serve as exercises for keyboard students, and as pedagogical exercises for composition students.

Short answer: The fugue is at its core a rather straightforward, highly procedural approach to writing. It's essentially a set of rules and procedures for developing one or more short themes using canons.

But creating vibrant, interesting, communi. Writing a nice counter-subject in a Fugue? (abrasiverock.comheory) submitted 1 year ago by nofideaman.

If you really want to do one, you could write the subject and countersubject at the same time, designed so they work together, and design the fugue that way. Bach was famous for pre-compositional "musical thinking" devices like that. Here is a straightfoward process for composing a fugue.

To begin, we will write (and you will write) a three voice fugue with two repeating countersubjects. This fugue was created today for this page, by way of example.

1. Of course, you must create a subject.

Writing a countersubject
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