The life and work of paula scher an influential graphic designer

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Paula Scher Quotes

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Paula Scher

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The Great Discontent

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The Influential Empress of Intelligent and Playful Graphic Design: Paula Scher Story

Paula Scher's work spans over 3 decades. Paula Scher studied at the Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia. At Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia, she was taught the Swiss International Style of typography: Helvetica on a grid.

She began her graphic design career as a record cover art director at both. The Wellcome Center in London will open ‘Can Graphic Design Save Your Life?’ on September 7,featuring the work of Pentagram partners Paula Scher and DJ Stout.

InPaula Scher was the first designer to create a new identity and promotional graphics system for The Public Theater, a program that become the turning point of identity in designs that influence much of the graphic design created for theatrical promotion and for cultural institutions in general.

For more than three decades Paula Scher has been at the forefront of graphic design. Iconic, smart and unabashedly populist, her images have entered into the American vernacular. Scher has been a principal in the New York office of the distinguished international design consultancy Pentagram since.

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Episode 36 of Overtime features one of the most influential graphic designers in the world—Paula Scher. In this episode, Dan and Paula discuss her early work at CBS Records, the joy of typographic expression, and creating opportunities for yourself.

The life and work of paula scher an influential graphic designer
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Paula Scher — Pentagram