Saint jerome writing analysis paper

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Saint jerome writing 1605 - by Caravaggio

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Saint jerome writing analysis essays

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Free art analysis papers, essays, and research papers. Saint jerome writing - by Caravaggio Courtesy of St. Jerome Writing was painted, according to Bellori, for Pope Paul V's nephew, Cardinal Scipione Borghese, who only arrived in Rome in the summer ofbut rapidly became a keen collector of Caravaggio's work.

In this painting, Saint Jerome Writting, The arms in the bottom right-hand corner on the post are those of Ippolito Malaspina, Prior of the Order of the Knights of St.

John in Naples and probably the man responsible for introducing Caravaggio to Malta. Certain writers have drawn attention to the facial resemblance between St. Jerome and Alof de Wignacourt, but the similarity is not striking enough to. Arnaud Amaury (Latin: Arnaldus Amalricus, Arnald Amalric or Arnold Aimery), Abbot of Cîteaux As Abbot of Cîteaux, Arnaud was the chief Abbot of the Cistercian monastic order.

Like Saint Dominic who followed him, he made it his business to convert the supposedly heretical Cathars of the Languedoc back to the One True Catholic Church.

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Saint jerome writing analysis paper
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