Process design intensification

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Modern Drying Technology, Volume 5: Process Intensification

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Introduction to Chemical Process Safety

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Process Intensification, Transforming Chemical Engineering

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The PI, PSE and APC cluster aims to develop and execute a technology based innovation program around process intensification, process systems engineering and advanced process control to explore and develop new innovative technologies leading to more efficient processes and/or a.

Process intensification concerns only engineering methods and equipment. So, for instance, development of a new chemical route or a change in composition of a catalyst, no matter how dramatic the improvements they bring to existing technology, do not qualify as process intensification.

Process design engineers using process intensification the miniturization of a chemical plant for the petrochemical, biodiesel, pharmaceutical and bio-chemical, refining and specialty chemical industry. Process Intensification plant design, process intesification engineering.

Zeton is a recognized world leader in the design of pilot plants, manufacture of a range of pilot plant technologies for varied markets and installation & maintenance of equipment for lab scale, demonstration or small scale production. Zeton technology has been applied to the oil refining, polymers, chemicals, alternative fuels, food, pharmaceutical, fine chemicals, environmental, metallurgy.

Process Intensification: Workshop to Identify Technology Opportunities. September 29, AMO Workshop. Alexandria, VA. Intensification. Process Heating. Advanced Sensors, Controls, Modeling & Platforms.

Sustainable process design with process intensification

Waste Heat - Leverage High Fidelity Computational Design. of Materials Chemical Processes - Breakthroughs in Catalysis (EFRCs, etc).

Process design intensification
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