Error attempt to write a readonly database svn diff

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How can I correctly create my local repository based on existing folders?

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Now I want to "downgrade" to the version of the last commit, because the code I inserted now crashed, but I cant find an "update" button (in Tortoise SVN I would delete the files I edited and didnt commit and then simply update the folder). This happened when the rake tasks were run in one command: rake db:drop db:migrate db:seed Solution: Run the commands individually.

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Creating and Preparing the Database for Read-Only Use

Sign up A demonstration on how to authentified a user in django using the CYCLONE federation provider with Apache 2 and mod_oidc. Trouble with svn update for website.

vn: E Working copy '/x1/www/' locked. *Finally* I am working on posting the release to the. $ pwd /home/jimb/write $ ls Makefile document.c search.c $ svn commit search.c $ Now your changes to search.c have been committed to the repository; if another user checks out a working copy of /trunk/write, they will see your text.

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