Design product and manufacturing processes

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Product Design

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Industrial production methods

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Designing Workcells & Micro-Layouts

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The primary difference is that scientists and chemical engineers typically "design" the product, and the process equipment is handled by engineers versed in repetitive and/or discrete design. We integrate upstream material management with downstream processes such as quality assurance inspections and product assembly to deliver a comprehensive process design that meets tight tolerances, minimizes waste, and provides manufacturing process scalability.

Computer-Aided Design (Mechanical, Manufacturing, Product Design Track) Operator/Drafting Certificate Program Total 30 Credits; Footnotes.

Students must take the following required courses. We create, develop and validate novel manufacturing process from the lab bench to pilot scale systems.

By developing both product and manufacturing processes in parallel, critical to quality requirements are fully understood and embedded in a capable new manufacturing process.

We create, develop and validate novel manufacturing process from the lab bench to pilot scale systems. By developing both product and manufacturing processes in parallel, critical to quality requirements are fully understood and embedded in a capable new manufacturing process.

12 Steps to Take You From Product Design to Manufacturing Design product and manufacturing processes
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