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Owned by Brittany Chase,The Beatnik Barbershop was Founded in by Barber Peter Babones. We're located in historic Mt. Vernon, and are convienient from downtown, and the surrounding areas. So far we've 4 awards from City Paper for Best men's haircut, as well as Baltimore Magazine's Best Barbershop award.

1. The Punishment Begins Tom Breihan and Ray Cummings, two former Baltimore City Paper interns and big deal music writers who liked my amateur music blog, got me a meeting about possibly. Cover boy Madenney, City Paper “Best of Baltimore” (September 21, ) Of him, City Paper (then under the direction of editor Sono Motoyama) wrote, we’d like to thank our cover boy (?) Madenney for his ineffable contribution to this issue.

The Baltimore riot of (also called the "Pratt Street Riots" and the "Pratt Street Massacre") was a civil conflict on Friday, April 19,on Pratt Street, in Baltimore, Maryland, between antiwar "Copperhead" Democrats (the largest party in Maryland) and other Southern/Confederate sympathizers on one side, and members of the primarily Massachusetts and some Pennsylvania state militia.

Best of Baltimore Introduction: On enthusiasm and a disappointing reader's poll. In City Paper’s annual Best of Baltimore issue we offer up our most sustained burst of enthusiasm for the city. Sep 21,  · City Paper Best of Baltimore Party Last night was the annual Best of Baltimore party hosted by everyone’s favorite free alternative weekly, The City Paper.

And what a party it was.

City paper best of baltimore
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