Chown group write a novel

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Books by Marcus Chown

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How to Collaborate With a Co-Writer

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Linux Chown Command Tutorial for Beginners (12 Examples)

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How to Co-Author a Novel

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You can use the chown command to change the user:group associated with a file. For example:!# chown root:root Will change the user:group permissions to root:root. Anyone other than the root user will have to be under the group "root" to access this can also change the permissions for file access with the 'chmod' command.

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By using the glob '*.pdf' the shell is passing the file list to chown, which sees these are files, and changes the permissions on the files it sees, and that's it.

Marcus Chown

Remember, in shells, the glob is evaluated by the shell, not the command. On a Linux system, when changing the ownership of a symbolic link using chown, by default it changes the target of the symbolic link (ie, whatever the symbolic link is pointing to).

If you'd like to change ownership of the link itself, you need to use the -h option to chown.

Chown group write a novel
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