A research project to discover isolate and characterize the different bioactive peptides in plants

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Although plants have been used as a source of medicine since ancient times, only a very small percentage of plants have been studied to date. This project focuses on investigating unexplored medicinal plants of Pakistan to isolate bioactive peptides and proteins with antimicrobial, anticancer, and antiviral activities.

During the last decade, several biologically active peptides, compounds from 12 to 50 amino acids, have been isolated from a wide range of organisms including mammals, insects, plants and bacteria. Genome-mining is a powerful technique to discover novel putative bioactive peptides, in particular when the peptidome of interest is not readily accessible by modern analytical instrumentation.

This study was designed to explore the genomes of three recently reported social ant species for the discovery of defense- and neuropeptide sequences.

Since the time of the 1st cyclotide discovery, the authors' lab. in Uppsala, Sweden has been engaged in cyclotide discovery as well as the development of protocols to isolate and characterize. A combination of these filtration methods improved the purification and diafiltration mode of the most active fractions from the hydrolysates.

33 Bioactive low-molecular weight peptides can be obtained using two different cut-off membranes, namely, 3 kDa and 10 kDa, from blue mussel protein hydrolysates.

A research project to discover isolate and characterize the different bioactive peptides in plants
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